Complaints Policy

The mail goal of Opsy (Optim System Ltd) is to provide our clients with a service that's fair, efficient, and above all, transparent.

In case you are not satisfied with the services provided by Opsy (Optim System Ltd), you may submit a complaint via following modes:

If you would prefer to send us a written complaint, please ensure to include the following details:

Submitted complaints will be reviewed within 5 working days, according to Opsy (Optim System Ltd) policy. In case more time is required to fully investigate and settle the complaint, the Head of the relevant Department will inform the Compliance Officer.

Opsy (Optim System Ltd) reserves the right to request for additional information or evidence in support of the initial claim and will be expecting such information to be provided without unreasonable delay.

The Compliance Department shall notify the customer about the ongoing investigation and inform them about the period of time until a final response or decision will be provided. This period cannot be longer than 35 days from when either the initial complaint was submitted or additional evidences from the client were received.

The final response of Opsy (Optim System Ltd) may conclude that we have acted inappropriately, failed to meet our terms, or failed to meet your reasonable expectations. As a result, we may provide an acknowledgement, an apology or, where appropriate, offer you compensation for any distress you may have experienced.

In our final response, we will include the contact details for the UK Financial Conduct Authority so you can refer your complaint for further review, if needed. Further information and eligibility requirements can be found here:

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