Send money online to Ukraine for 1 EUR

Send transfers to any payment card for only for 1€. Open an account in EUR and GBP to send transfers to your loved one's.

Open Account

Downloand Opsy mobile apps

Send in 3 easy steps

Open account and top it up

Open account online and get verified. Top up in Euro or British pounds.

Choose Send to Card

On web or mobile app from dashboard choose "Send to card to Ukraine" and choose amount to send.


And this is all! The recipient gets money on their card within 10 minute.

Products and Services

EUR, GBP, UAH, and other currencies

Hold multiple currencies and use, exchange and send when you need them.

Personal IBAN for Euro accounts

Receive and send SEPA payments with a unique IBAN assigned to your Euro account.

Free instant internal transfers

Send money to other Opsy friends and partners in second.

Convenient global (SWIFT) transfers

Enjoy global payments facilitated through the SWIFT, SEPA, and TARGET2 systems.

Competitive foreign exchange rates

Convert currencies with live interbank exchange rates without any hidden fees.

Secure transactions with two-factor authentication

Confirm login and transfers with 2FA, SMS or using biometrics in the app.

Mobile apps

Conveniently access your funds any time and anywhere through the Opsy mobile app for iOS and Android.

Let’s get started!

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